About Me

Chukwurah chinecherem is a successful online entrepreneur born in the family of  Mr Geoff  Chukwurah.my dream of becoming a successful online entrepreneur started right from  childhood.where i started by being able to make my teachers and my fellow students happy through telling stories.i took it up to myself to tell stories and make everyone feel happy during leisure at school.as i metamorphose as a being i begin to understand that information(stories) can be a source of  generating income which i tried writing novel but was not successful because of there is nobody to sponsor or guide me.one thing in life is decision an determination.i decided and determined that despite the  fact  i want  to study petroleum and gas engineering as a course that my natural talent of helping and making people happy will never be terminated.then i started writing on social media and from there i was able to notice that the potential in me have not being lost.so i decided to turn it into earning and helping means.firstly i decided to begin with pay per click affiliate program  which am still a partner with the website (bidvertiser.com) and that fund me too much dollars.but before that i was battling with some financial need,that was also what motivated me to embark on a route to my success.i now started seeing my self helping people and making them achieve their goal.my promise to each and every one of you visiting my blog is that i will definitely provide you all with a current information on achieving your dream as that have always be what i aspire and cherish much and also provide a good entertainment to you all and also your complain will never be ignored. congrats because you are on the right track to achieving your goal

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