The art of losing weight by lifting weights

The art of losing weight by lifting weights

 Can I lose weight by lifting weight? The answer is yes. If you are thinking cardio is the only way to lose weight, then, you are in for a surprise. It is now an open secret that weight lifting can help you shed a lot of weight. As a matter of fact, it is far effective than cardio. Cardio is only effective when you are at it, its effectiveness stops when the exercise stops. But, weight lifting has an after-effect even three hours after dropping the weights. There is no doubt this is another amazing way to lose weight with some great results to show for it. Here is the process to follow if you intend to lose weight by lifting weights:

1.    Look for good a trainer – You can’t just start lifting weights on your own without a trainer. It will amount to an effort in futility if you through that route. Guidance is a key aspect of weight lifting. You need to lift the weights with safety in mind. That is the duty of a trainer. But getting a trainer can be expensive. If you can’t afford one, you can opt for a weight lifting class at a gym where there are many trainers to help you achieve your weight loss goal through weight lifting.

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2.    Increase the intensity – Always focus on increasing intensity when you are on a weightlifting workout. There is no point wasting 50 minutes or 2 hours for what you can also accomplish in less than 25 minutes. The most important thing is to put a lot of effort into the workout. The long hours won’t produce an effective result if it is not done properly but a short period of workout that comes with enough intensity will definitely show good result.    

3.    Lift heavy weights – Lifting heavy weights has been discovered to be more effective than lifting small weights. Of course, you have to start from the small weights to the heavy duty weights. If you are able to lift a small weight by counting 1 to 10 the first and second time and you find it easy to count 10 the third time, it means it is time for you to increase the weights.

4.    No time to waste – Many engage in exercise for a longer period in a day without result. Weight lifting is quite different. Focusing on the moves that will give you the desired result is what is germane. Once you have discovered the right moves, you start seeing its effectiveness within 48 hours.

5.    Eat protein always – Eating protein food helps to build the muscles. It’s not just protein but lean protein diets like fish, beans, egg, nuts and meats. Eating protein should not be a one-off thing. It should be part of the regimen. Lean protein makes you fuller for a longer time.  

6.    Reduction in calories – It is important to reduce your calories intake if you want to reduce your weight by lifting weights. Avoiding calories means watching what you eat and drink. Calories and weight loss do not have any relationship. 

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