Key secrets for making people like you


How to make people like you

How easily to do you connect with other people?Some people are just able to connect with others within just a few seconds of meeting them for the first time, whilst for other people it’s a real challenge when meeting new people.We all need people to make our life a more joyous one and connecting with people is one of the most inspiring, fulfilling and valuable actions we can do.Yet we often miss out on great opportunities to create friendships. At the same time, it is actually relatively simple to create a good connection and become more likeable when you meet new people.It is no rocket science. Today we will look at some simple steps to come across better to other people when you first meet them.The steps are indeed simple – yet we forget and often end up over analysing it.You simply have to learn and apply these key secrets for becoming likeable to other people when you first meet them:

1. Smiles is  the best  thingy can do when you meet someone for the first time is simply smile!This is the number one secret for getting people to like you instantly – and it is free.Try this time next you are in a crowd of strangers. Just smile gently and see what reaction you get back.You can even go through your whole life wearing a goofy smile all the time – if nothing else, people will wonder what you are smiling about!

2. Remember their names when you first meet them ask them their name and then ensure to remember it.If their name is unusual ask them how it should be correctly pronounced and even ask where it is from.Be sure to address them by their name early on in the conversation – that will also help you remember it.To most people, the sound of their own name is the most beautiful sound in the world!If it helps, write their name down if they haven’t given you their business or personal card.

3. Look people in the eye in any conversation, look at the person you are talking to and maintain eye contact as appropriate. This will also help you follow what they are saying.Clearly you don’t want to spook them out by fixedly staring into their eyes either!If you can’t get used to the idea of looking people in the eye, then practice looking into your own eyes in front of a mirror. This can be quite a confrontational exercise for some people but it will do wonders for your own self-acceptance.

4. Listen to them affectionately The greatest gift you can give a person is your undivided attention. Practise your listening skills by focusing completely on that person and being present.Give them your 100% attention.Stop your mind from wandering and focus on what they are saying. Make the other person feel important. Your undivided attention tells the other person that you genuinely value them.Be genuinely interested in other people.The emphasis here is on being interested rather than ‘interesting’. Be genuine about this and do not fake it. Focus on what they have to say rather than harping on about yourself and your own grandness! Just remember the old saying – we all have two ears and one mouth – use them accordingly.The key is to be completely present for the other person and to truly listen with your heart.

5. Build empathy and good rapport with themAs you listen, build empathy and good rapport with your new friend. Focus not on just the words but the nuances of what they are saying. For example, do they sound excited or bored when they talk about their job or life?You will also pick up clues and remember what to talk about later in your conversation – they will be impressed with what you have remembered.By truly empathising with the other person, you will get to understand better their point of view. And people just adore those who are interested in their point of view!

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