How to lose weight by running


How to lose weight by running

Swimming, cycling and engaging in some fitness exercises are great ways to lose weight. But they come at a cost. For swimming, you will definitely need a pool. For cycling, you will need a bicycle and for fitness exercise, you would need to find a suitable gym. What you require for running is just a pair of sneakers. That’s all! This makes running one of the most affordable and effective ways to lose weight. With a pair of sneakers, you can decide to run during the hot weather, when it is cold, run with a friend or even run alone. Here are ways to run the right way.

1.    Watch your diet – Watching your diet is very important if you are aiming at losing weight by running. Consuming a lot of calories can be counter-productive when you intend to lose weight. You may find yourself gaining weight despite running miles if you don’t watch your diet. Calories deficiency is important if want to see visible result each time you run. Avoid calories at all cost. This is the ideal advice for anyone intending to lose weight. 

2.     Don’t push yourself to the limit – If you are not a professional athlete, the best advice is to choose what soothes you. You can walk or jog but if you want a quick result, you had better do a sprint. Sprinting produces a quicker result than walking and jogging. If you sprint, try to increase the mileage gradually in order to have a more resounding result. Sprinting has got a high intensity and also has an after-effect which means your body would continue to burn calories even hours after you had stopped running.

3.    Be consistent – Consistency matters if you intend to lose weight by running. Sometimes, it looks so awkward to run some days. But you have to just move past the level where running looks like some kind of punishment. You have to make it something you look forward to. Running releases a chemical called endocannabinoids. This is a kind of chemical that makes running very interesting. Never mind if you have not gotten to that point. Just keep at it!

4.    Intensity – Studies have shown that running with high intensity and having breaks at intervals is one fast method you can use to shed a whole lot of weight. It helps in no small ways to help you lose abdominal fat and body weight while helping to maintain a lean muscle mass. At each interval, you can perform some light exercise before running for another two or three miles. You can also incorporate walking at every interval.

5.    Run longer but not faster – While it is good to run longer, it makes sense to be slower about it. The important thing here is to run at a pace that you can maintain for a longer period. It makes no sense to run at a faster pace only to lose steam very quickly. This is what professional runners do. It is important to emulate it too.  


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