Must Know These Signs of Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is believed not to have an early sign but research have shown that there are some sign of diabetes at early stage of which we can discuss on this post.

Diabetes have two types

 .Type 1 diabetes; This happens quickly and are also severe

.Type 2 diabetes; This type takes long to be noticed and will have caused a lot of damages 

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              Signs of Diabetes

The two types of diabetes have likely signs

- frequent urinating and being thirsty; This sign occurs when diabetes alter the blood sugar and push it up,the kidney may not be able to bring it all back. This lead to frequent urinating as the body produces more urine and lead to being thirsty as much fluid is been loss

- Hunger and Tiredness; The presence of diabetes in the body alters digestion. During digestion,the body converts the food  into glucose that the cells use for energy,but the presence of diabetes in the body can make the body not to produce enough insulin and that will make the glucose not to go into them,then there won't be enough energy for the body.

-Unclear vision; The lenses can't focus if there's always changing of fluid levels in your body

- Dry mouth and itchy skin; loosing of body fluid as a result of much urinating can lead to dehydration leading to dry mouth also dry skin which can lead to itching.

        Signs of Type1 diabetes

- Nausea and vomiting; ketone can make you feel sick in your stomach and leads to vomiting. Ketone can occure when there is much burning fat in your body as a result of diabetes, which can build up the blood to dangerous levels and lure to diabetic ketoacidosis.

- Weight loss; when the body can't get energy from the food you eat,it will burn down muscle and fat for energy and that can lead to weight loss.

         Signs of Type2 diabetes

If the glucose in the body tends to be high for a long time,it can lead to

Slow healing sores;the body will be hard to to heal wound because of high blood sugar can affect blood flow and cause damage nerves

-Pain in feet and legs;this is also caused as a result of damage in nerves which is achieved as a result lots of hindrance in blood flow

        Signs of diabetes in men

Men that are infected with diabetes can experience

- Impotency or erectile disfunctioning

- Reduced urge for sex

- Reduced muscle strength

            Signs of diabetes in women

Diabetes can lead to

-Urinary track infection

-Yeast infection

- itching in vagina

The cause of type 1 diabetes is yet to be known or believed to be a genetic disease. Type 2 diabetes also a genetic disease and also lifestyle of an individual obesity or overweight can also lead to diabetes it is mainly seen in people of 45 years of age and above

              Gestational diabetes

These are mainly as a result of high blood sugar in pregnancy . The placenta produces produces hormone which makes cells less sensitive to the effects of insulin during pregnancy.

 This type of diabetes are mostly found in women who gained much weight during pregnancy chances of being diabetic is common in ladies of 25 years of age and above and this can lead to premature birth


In summary diabetes is believed to be our genetic issue but it is well advised that we watch our nutrition perfectly so as to reduce obesity just like I have listed in MacDonald nutritiont yet to write on it value

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