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Kaiser health insurance is registered as health care providers. Kaiser provides a long term health for for individuals especially during their employment and after retirement. The group officially come live in the June 28 2004 when it was incorporated  and registered with security exchange commission. The group was originated by  some varied Filipino professionals which was bounded together to find the Kaiser international group inc.  On July 26 2004,it was granted a clearance to operate by the Department of Health bureau of Health facilities and  services. The group co-exist with the traditional health Maintenance programs. But provide a health care service that out ranked  HMO, because HMO provides service only when  a person is employed,but Kaiser health insurance provides health care service after retirement.

   The aim of Kaiser international group inc

Our Health is our wealth, for the fact that we all must work in order to have an end meet,our health mustn't be overlooked,to make fact preferable our health is our priority, because if we are not healthy we can't enjoy the fruit of our everyday day work both when young and old. As there is no safe place anymore that is why investing in our health should be very important to us. With that, Kaiser have come up with the aim 

           "We shall aim to be the industry leader in providing maximum, long-term and short-term health care benefits to all our members."

"We help build a secure future and wise financial foundation in coping with inevitable medical expenses each of us would one day face especially after employment and during retirement years."

            Kaiser insurance plan

Kaiser Permanente operates only on selected states, and of course their service plans is not among the cheapest insurance Looking for health insurance plan though affordable and the service you get from Kaiser Permanente out stands it's competitors. It's available only in eight States and district of combian.

  • California
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Oregon
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  •   The individual and family plan
  • This health insurance plan can be purchased directly from the company or health insurance market place. The plans are divided into metal tiers of bronze,silver,gold and platinum of which they are classified into three insurance categories
  •   . Health savings account plan. This is the cheapest insurance plan offered by Kaiser Permanente. You will set a savings account with them so as to avoid paying for taxes and other miscellaneous needs with the money you will use to pay the doctor and other health care service. This plan is to be put into consideration depending on your monthly or daily income.
  • . Deductible plans. In this plan,you will have to pay for most health services until your spending reaches deductible amount and also include the insurance rate based on your plan. This works like the traditional insurance.
  • . Co-payment plans. This plan help you in savings money if you expect high medical cost, reason is that you only pay for covered services. It have no deductible.
  •      Medicare
  • Kaiser also offer a Medicare plan which you can purchase through the company. The plan options for Kaiser Medicare are as follows
  • . Medicare advantage (part c).  These plan streamlines your health coverage and more cost savings benefits and prescription.
  • . Medicare advantage plus. This is the part c that covers dental care,hearing aids and eye wear.
  • . Prescription drug plan. This is for those not signing up for Medicare advantage plan.

 Kaiser Medicaid and program for low income earners.
The Kaiser Medicaid is for those who are qualified for low income earners health program which can be issued by the government.

You can check out Kaiser insurance plan

  Customers review.
Kaiser Permanente is rated no 1 in costumer satisfaction in all aspects.

valuepenguin.com: Kaiser insurance plans
Kaiserhealthgroup.com: origin and aim of Kaiser Permanente


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