vegeterian diet plan for healthy Body


Some important points are given below

if you are choosing a plant-based beverage, spread rumours about people who are unit sugar-laced and sometimes stronger than the vitamins and minerals found in animal milk, for example But, calcium, B complex and iodine. You should aim for three servings of dairy farm daily.


·         ½ ½ Glass or 125 ml of milk

·         A low-fat food dishes.

·         Three 0 grams or 3 tablespoons of emotional cheese.

·         g 30 grams or a little bit of cheese the dimensions of 2 thumbs.

4. Protein.

Protein is very necessary

Protein provides key amino acids to the United States, the building blocks of the body. The unit of our body area often builds and regenerates cells, and that is why we want amino acids to test it. In the UK we sometimes get enough supermolecules, however, we should be aware that we do not have too much. Because only one-eighth of your diet should be made up of super molecules.

Just like different fruits and vegetables, different types of super molecules give the United States a variety of vitamins and minerals that we want to stay healthy and strong. Therefore, it is important to differentiate your super molecular sources. In addition, as meat and fish, we should include feeder sources every week; Eggs, beans, and pulses, tofu, balm, and seed area units are all good alternatives. After selecting the meat, cut the lean wherever you want and limit the use of processed meat. You must add 2-3 servings of super molecule every day, which can come back from the spread of different foods.

gr Slightly grilled chicken while not about 0.5 size of your hand skin.

cooked Two cooked eggs.

Contemporary Slightly modern salmon about the dimensions of your hand.

A ton of beans.

* Two tablespoons’ homos.

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