The effects of a dynamic environment on nutrition and health outcomes.

The effects of a dynamic environment on nutrition and health outcomes.

Nutrition, the food system, and therefore the environment are interconnected. However, the measurements and indicators that predict how the environment affects human health and nutrition are less clear. In general, resource measurement captures soil and water quality, diversity, coverage of trees and plants, and water as well as rivers, seawater, spring water, soil and air pollution, as well as climate change and change. ۔ However, a small amount is clear as these measures are related to health outcomes. It is not explicitly clear, however, that changes in these indicators affect dietary patterns, "healthy" eating systems, and nutritional outcomes.

 Problems of Diet Promotion

However, the complex web of determinants in property diets makes it difficult for policy-makers to know the benefits and problems of such a diet promotion, processing and severity. More measurements and indicators should be developed to assess the impact of various factors on food properties and therefore to eliminate the trade-offs related to enhancing the properties of our food system and ultimately any recommendations made for human health.۔ 

Importantly, however, additional work is needed to shape the property diet at the global, regional, local and individual levels from an environmental, biological, cultural and health perspective. A healthy diet requires the right amount of the right nutrients and bioactive health elements . Our food trend, which has implications, includes popular food ingredients. The effect of food property is ridiculous and indescribable. There is a need to assess the amount or qualification of the property diet which will be benchmarked over time. It includes advanced indicators that address trade and packaging requirements on the one hand, and trade between people on food safety, food protection, and nutritional density on the other. Ultimately, these indicators will like testing, more discussion, and most importantly, interaction between users and subjects to make it easier to force our scientists and researchers to deliver.


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