Nuts and seeds which is better

Nuts and seeds

Which is better?

"Regardless of which hotel plan you choose, everyone's diet should ideally include 50% vegetables," says Dr. Curio. and fruits are nutritious, I prefer to focus on veggies because they require less sugar.

When preparing your dish, keep the following in mind:

• 50 servings of veggies • 25 servings of healthy grains • 25 servings of lean macromolecules

some not use meat or various animal proteins such as eggs, or quinoa for plant-based macromolecules. she speaks.

and if someone want to own meat often, stick with lean meat, fish or chicken

Adding healthy fats - such as avocado oil after cooking vegetables, sprinkling slide almonds on your porridge, or chopped avocado on your dish - can help you feel full for expansion. And healthy fats have various health benefits.


Being a vegetarian can be a philosophy and a way of life. It's not just about one's diet.

People who eat plant-based foods are more important for health or environmental reasons. They will exclude variable quantities of animal products. The plant-based diet consists of elastic, pessary and vegan diets.

There is evidence to suggest that an optic plant-based diet also has benefits and regulation for human health.A UN agency plans to adopt a plant-based diet to ensure it meets its nutritional needs in order to address the shortage.


This study session can help you explain the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet to families and people in your community, and how to try to do so with the resources available in the market



 * Lean meat, poultry, or tofu.

 • Fish

* Whole, unprocessed grains and pulses.

* Nuts and seeds Some people may choose to include a small amount of dairy farm in their diet, such as plain food, easy cheese and milk.


·         Plant-based foods include:

·         Vegetables.

·         fruit.

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