Health protection.

The best way to stay healthy is to keep it safe through a healthy lifestyle rather than waiting for illness or weakness. People use the name welfare to describe this constant state of well-being.

Promotes well-being and participates in initiatives that protect health, both as an individual and as a community. Maintaining good health and well-being is a lifelong, daily commitment.

Measures that can help people'swell-being include 

Eat a Balance,nutritious diet as many natural sources as possible.

Exercise at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week, according to the American Heart Association.

Engage in activities that serve a purpose.

Connect with other people and take care of them.

Maintain a positive outlook on life

Explain the value system and put it into practice.

It is not possible to avoid the disease completely.

Genetic factors.

A human being is born with different genes.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors play a role in health.

Access to health care plays a role, but the WHO suggests that the following factors may have a more significant impact on health.

Where a person lives

The state of the surrounding environment


Their income

Socio-economic environment

 This can include the financial status of a family or community as well as the quality of social culture and relationships.

Physical environment:

This includes what germs are present in an area, as well as the level of contamination.

Characteristics and behaviours of a person:

Main points are given below

Genetic makeup and lifestyle choices can affect a person's overall health.

According to some studies, the higher a person's socioeconomic status (SES), the more likely they are to enjoy good health, get a good education, get a well-paying job, and get sick or injured. Will be able to take good health care at the time.



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