how to control diabetes

*    Avoid simple carbohydrates.

Many sugar-related diets collectively suggest that people avoid simple carbohydrates. Easy carbs include white flour, white food paste and rice. The body rapidly converts the carbohydrates in these foods into sugar. This method causes an increase in glucose levels.

One person will usually replace simple carbs with whole grain choices. Sauces and condiments, sauces, breakfast cereals, milk and dried grain bars usually contain sugar in their list of ingredients.


*    Avoid artificial sugars.

Artificial sugar is the subject of argument in the square food business. They are much sweeter than sugar but have fewer or fewer calories.

However, the use of artificial sugar will make the body think that it is really consuming sugar. It can increase a person's appetite for sugar, making it difficult to live on a sugar-free diet.

For this reason, those who follow a sugar-free diet should avoid artificial sugars such as:

·         Esplanade

·         Stevia

·         al equal

·         NutraSweet

·         Sweet less.

People can even find the chemical names of these sweets on ingredient lists, especially in low-sugar, low-calorie, or foodstuffs.

Chemical names include:

·         Aspartame

·         sucralose

·         cc saccharin.

·         acesulfame K or acesulfame metal element.

·         Onetime



*    Don't drink sugar.

 Sugar can also be an easy way to avoid processed foods. However, sugary sugary drinks are one of the most important sources of sugar in the diet. These include soda, especially lentils, sweet tea and fruit juices. Replacing these drinks with sugar-free tea, low while not sugar, sparkling drinking water, or plain water will help one to keep hydrase while not increasing the amount of sugar. 6. Specialization in whole food A person who follows a sugar-free diet should eat whole foods together. Processed foods measure squares that seem to contain better ingredients or extra sugars. Those who specialize in whole and complete meals include after-meal options:

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