Essential tip for being Fitness with Right food


·       Body movement

1. The unit has various health benefits to stimulate your body!

2. Staying active helps maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.

3. Physical activity reduces the risk of certain health problems such as heart condition, stroke, diabetes, and high-grade symptoms.

4. Exercise helps reduce feelings of stress and depression, helps prevent and manage stress, and promotes mental health.

5. Adults should be physically active at a moderate level for at least 5 hours of hebdomadal (approximately half an hour five days / week).

·       Sexual health

1. Is it related to the expression of body, mind and soul?

2. This means that we see our gender as a healthy and natural aspect of the WHO, which we tend to regionalize.

3. However, do we express our feelings for ourselves and others?

4. Our thoughts, values, and beliefs about happiness and the way we classify it with ourselves.

5. It means your sexual, emotional and attractive places for others, whether the area unit is gay or female folk attractions.


·       Sleep

1.       College students want 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

2.       Protects you from poor health and helps control weight.

3.       Lets you be more productive and artistic.

4.       Maintains mental state and will increase your ability to retain data and solve procedures and problems.

5.       Say "no" to "all knights". Sleeping before a check or project is easier than waking up at night.

6.       Sleep helps you keep track of what you read.

7.       Alcohol and alkaloids, along with energy drinks, will interfere with your sleep cycle, so avoid lemonade.

a.       5. Accept your body and everyone and love what it will do for you. Activate only positive thoughts and comments about your body.

b.       6. Stock your bags and dormitories with healthy snacks: food, fruit, energy bars, trail mix, or cheese.



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