Tips for being healthy and fit

*  Flow barrier

1. Avoid closed contact as much as possible, avoid closed contact with sick people in the unit?

2. When your area unit is sick, keep away from others to prevent them from getting sick.

3. Stay home after your area unit is sick. You should not participate in categories, work, or social activities. Not reaching public places helps others prevent your ill health.

4. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue after a cough or congenital reflex or cough. And don't forget to remove your tissues properly!

5. Wash your hands usually with soap and water to protect yourself from germs / viruses. You will get them by shaking hands, touching door knobs, phones, computers, etc.


*  Obstruction of disease.


1. Go to a consulted check-up (physical, eye and dental).

2. Share your health with your partner as well as your healthcare provider - share data about symptoms and health, raise questions, make sure you understand, and care Participate in decision making regarding recommendations.

3. Perform monthly breast and / or gonadal examinations.

4. Listen to your body and respond accordingly, as well as learn to spot early warning signs of illness...

5. Stop using tobacco products and protect yourself from second hand smoke.

6. Use any prescription or non-prescription medication only as advice and do not share with others.


*  Nutrition


1. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables at every meal or breakfast.

2. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast that includes grains, protein, calcium, and fruits or vegetables.

3. Relax and enjoy your food. Give yourself time to enjoy the joy of feeding.

4. Eat slowly and carefully. Listen to the style, texture, flavours, and therefore the shape of the food.

5. Accept your body and everyone and love what it will do for you. Activate only positive thoughts and comments about your body.

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