Effects of temperature changes on body

Effects of temperature changes

The effects of temperature changes on crop and food production are now evident in many parts of the world, especially the abundance and distribution of harvested aquatic species and the production systems of cultivation in many parts of the world. This is expected to continue, especially in some tropical low- and middle-income countries, with a negative impact on nutrition and food security, especially for the vulnerable. "High carbonic acid gas has a detrimental influence on food and fodder nutrition, as well as macromolecules and micronutrients." However, the effects of many elements of temperature change can counterbalance these benefits. ۔ "Consequences for food security, health, and nutrition, as well as soil and water shortages, biodiversity loss, and ecosystem degradation" (including pollen and forests). Temperature and fall influence human health as much as heat. Landslides, water issues, soil nutrients, and the loss of agricultural genetics all put people's current and future livelihoods at danger, as do severe weather like heat waves and droughts

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